Land Development

Zuriel Earthworks provides practical solutions and advice to clients involved in land development projects including residential, commercial and industrial developments, land rezoning and pre-purchase surveys.

We provide a range of Geotechnical, Environmental, Groundwater and Earthworks services to clients who require efficient and practical solutions associated with land development projects.

Our services include:

  • Geotechnical analysis and design for industrial, commercial and residential building projects;
  • Construction monitoring, inspections, testing and advice (bored pile and pier inspection, settlement and vibration monitoring, earthworks inspection and quality control testing);
  • Terrain evaluation and land capability (assessment of air photo mapping, available geotechnical, environmental and groundwater data using our inhouse GIS database of over 100,000 completed projects);
  • Assessment and management of contaminated land (preliminary and detailed site investigations, environmental management plans, compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements, contaminant fate and transport modelling, hazardous building materials assessments including asbestos, remediation action plans, site audits, risk communication and community engagement);
  • Salinity and Acid Sulfate Soils assessment and management;
  • Pavement Investigation and Design (flexible and rigid);
  • Foundation Design (including site classification, capacity and settlement of shallow footings, slabs, driven and bored piles, pile test review);
  • Retaining structure design (including gravity walls, anchored, propped or cantilevered walls, reinforced soil walls);
  • Slopes and excavations (slope stability assessment, soil nail and anchor design);
  • Earthworks and embankments (stability analysis and settlement analysis);
  • Ground improvement techniques and options;
  • Geophysics assessments (ground penetrating radar, conductivity mapping, electrical resistivity imaging and sounding, seismic refraction).

Take a look at how Zuriel Earthworks can provide specialist integrated services and solutions for your next project.